Africans are identified by two distinct and unquestionable things. The first one is the geographical location in which they have always lived – the African Continent. The second distinction is their pigmentation, which has earned them to be called Black People; otherwise the Black Race.

As far back as history goes, Black people have always lived in Africa, from north Africa to South Africa. There has been scholarly argument based on Eurocentric racism against black people that the Whiteman finds it too difficult to accept that ancient Egyptians and their Pharaohs were black people. He further finds it unpalatable that Egypt, described as the foundation of civilization, could belong to black people and that black people were the builders of the pyramids.

Thank God that, at least, even through scholarly revelation of the writings of the Greek historian called Herodotus, termed “The Father of History” who visited and interacted with ancient Egyptians physically in the fifth century, when the Egyptian civilization was already 10,000 old. He has painfully discounted the racist claims and confirmed that Ancient Egyptians and the builders of the pyramids were black people. 

Records found in Ancient Egypt, therefore, are deliberations of black people right from the Lower Egypt up to the Upper Egypt, Ethiopia and beyond.