Appeal to well-wishers for support to Establish the Neterian Worship.

The funds of running The Neterian Worship are generated from donations from well-
wishers, institutions and philanthropists.In order to effectively launch the Secretariat and full function of Neterian Worship an appeal is sent to well-wishers all over the world for support:
The oral culture religion had no need for a secretariat, but the modern literate culture must have a central of information reception and dissemination. Launching of Neterian Worship worldwide is an extraordinary expensive affair but its benefits in effecting healing effects to the race outweighs that expense  Without a Secretariat the purpose of KA, merely as a spiritual book lying somewhere in the forest of human, beats the will and vision of the writers.

In the new world, African Religion must be an organized religion in order to compete with all the other religions of the world. All the major religions of the world have their secretariats in charge of information receiving and dissemination. Giving Neterian Worship a meaningful approach would demand a Secretariat responsible for answering whatever questions and requests arising
from the mass.

The Equipment Required

African Religion is a universal religion. The equipment to address the Neterian Worship in every respect, for that reason, should be as modern and efficient as possible. In its essence, the Neterian Worship is planning to establish the following functional departments:

– Communication
-Publishing and information dissemination
-Business enterprises
-Promotion and planning
-Training institutions