The Supreme Council shall be composed of Seven officials representative of the Continent and the Diaspora

  • The Council of High Priests shall elect the Supreme Council officials in any method as may be deemed wise
  • Each Supreme Councilor shall be from a different country within the Neterian African Religion Worship


The Supreme Council shall form the advisory board of the Supreme Priest. That will help the Supreme Priest in matters pertaining to the performance of his executive duties such as he may delegate to each one of them.

  • The Supreme Council shall be the organ responsible for executive appointments
  • The Supreme Council shall be the final authority in any appointment disputes.
  • The Supreme Council shall elect one of them to the position of Senior Supreme Councilor.


The complete Supreme Council shall reside at the Headquarters of the African Religion and shall be accorded with full accommodation and benefits to make it possible for them to give full support to the Supreme Priest