Being the foundation of humanity, African Religion has influenced modern civilization, including major religions like Christianity, Buddhism and even Islam. While the Sacya Buddha of India was an African priest who fled Egypt when Cambyses invaded it and Christian thinkers adopted African religion, Herodotus of Greece writes that Egyptians were not only black people but that Egypt was also the cradle of civilization; that white Greece borrowed from black Egypt all the elements of her civilization, including the cult of gods.

It would seem that Buddha was an Egyptian priest, chased from Memphis by the prosecutions of Cambyses. This tradition would justify the betrayal of Buddha with the wholly hair. Historical documents do not validate the tradition… Koempfer in his Histoire du Japon, claims that the Sacya Buddha of India was a priest from Memphis who fled from Egypt when Cambyses invaded it. (Jacues Waulerse L’Afrique Noire, Paris)

Egyptian wisdom and Greek transmission from Dark Ages to Renaissance’, considers the attitude of the Church Fathers towards Egypt. After the crushing of Neo-Platonism, the Hellenic. Pagan descendant of Egypt religion, and the Gnosticism, Its Judaic-Christian counterpart, Christian thinkers tamed Egyptian religion by turning it into philosophy (Prof. Martin Bernal, Black Athena)

Herodotus (Greek) after relating his eyewitness account informing us (White people) that the Egyptians were Blacks, then demonstrated, with rare honesty that Greece borrowed from Egypt all the elements of her civilization, even the cult of gods, and that Egypt was the cradle of civilization (Prof. Sheik Anta Diop, The African Origin of Civilization)