African Religion, being old as it has been, has been surviving on only oral deliberations. Why that Religion has never been given a manual text equivalent to the Bible, Koran or Gita, can be explained in many ways. Nevertheless, as it has always been said, everything has its time and space. And that time and space are subject to natural forces and alterations. One of those forces has it that modern African community has come of age of oral tradition to embrace literary deliberations. This is the force that inspired a special team of African Social scientists to respond to that grave spiritual need by compiling the missing Holy Text, KA, Holy Book of Neter.

The compilers were inspired by the fact that African Religion is the bank of African values. That bank should extent its blanket to cover all Africans soul wherever they may be. This would enhance creating a strong bond of brotherhood among Africans. To serve Africans adequately spiritually is, at the same time, to serve the human race too. The human race is a family of races. A race is a family of nations. A nation is a family of ethnic communities. A community is a family of villagers. Villagers are a community of neighbors. A neighbor is a community of individual families. And a family is a composition of people with an immediate common birth.

Religion is the spiritual Mother of Africa. Religion is the foundation of African thought. .Since the African Religion forms the foundation fabric of African thought, the fastest and most certain way of making the continent speak in one voice socially and politically is in building an exciting Headquarter Home for the African spiritual Mother.

The Holy Text was compiled in English and published for initial start in Kenya by African Comb Books Ltd. It is available only in English edition and as a benchmark to invite financial well-wishers for translation and publication in other international languages. First priority would be to translate and publish it in Kiswahili and French. There is great need for an impressive launch that could give the Religion a modern platform in addressing human problems.

The publication of the text does not mean creation of a new Religion. It simply means giving the tradition new spiritual clothes. As they put it, putting old wine into new containers.

 Name of the Holy Text

KA, in Ancient Egyptian language, KLA, KRA, KI, is that force of life which, human beings believe, cannot be destroyed and continues to exist after the change and decay or the human body through death. That can be described as The Soul. NETER in similar language means God, or the Supreme Power behind all creations. KA, Holly Book of Neter, therefore, can be construed to mean, Soul of God. 

KA: Holy Book of Neter is a Holly Text because it bears pious spiritual deliberations as exercised in shrines and spiritual functions.