Neterian Worship is the backbone of the Black Race, the foundation of the very existence of the Africa.

Why African Worship
Worship or Religion is the foundation of the Black Race, the African worldview, thought, philosophy and ideology. One cannot talk about Africans without the backbone of the Black Race: Religion or Worship.Based on natural forces, this is the oldest form of worship in the world.But, as old as it may be, African Worship had, till now, surved on only oral traditions.

Influence of African Worship
Being the foundation of humanity, African Religion has influenced modern civilization, including major religions like Christianity, Buddhism and even Islam.
While the Sacya Buddha of India was an African priest who fled Egypt when Cambyses invaded it and Christian thinkers adopted African religion, Herodotus of Greece writes that Egyptians were not only black people but that Egypt was also the cradle of civilization; that white Greece borrowed from black Egypt all the elements of her civilization, including  the cult of gods.

Origin of Black People
Humanity, like all civilization, began with the Black Race in Africa as attested to by science, history and oral tradition.But, African Religion, being old as humanity itself, had, till now, only existed through word of mouth.