The Supreme Priest will be the World Neterian African Religion Worship leader and the top Authority in the Executive of the Worship, including all other undertakings related to the Religion and Worship:

  • Will be the Chairman of the Supreme Council
  • Will be the world spokesman of the Religion
  • Will be the final authority in the employment and disillusion of the employment of any appointment within the executive arm of the organization

 Appointment of the Supreme Priest

The Supreme Priest shall be elected by the Council of High Priests that is representative of all the countries of the African Continent including overseas countries such that have/has been endorsed by the Supreme Council as legible for membership in the Worship

 The Supreme Priest shall be elected by, at least, the quorum of the Council of High Priests.


Tenure of the Supreme Priest

The Supreme Priest shall be accorded a lifetime tenure that will be strictly subject to the fulfillment of the following conditions:

  • Good health of the person
  • Excellent conduct
  • Excellent performance of his duties and respect of the office

 Absence of any or several of the above qualities shall be enough to remove the Supreme Priest from office by a majority of 75 percent votes of the Council of High Priests.

In need cases due to temporary health or any other reason, the Supreme Priest shall be deputized by the Senior Member of the Supreme Council


 Qualification for the Supreme Priest

  • The candidate for the position of the Supreme Priest will have a minimum age of 50 years and maximum of 75 years. Any candidate aged less that 50 years or aged more than 75 years shall not be eligible
  • The candidate shall have profound knowledge of African Culture
  • The candidate shall have profound knowledge of African Religion theology and practice
  • The Candidate shall have a university degree in, at least, Social Science
  • The candidate shall be a married person
  • The candidate shall have excellent character as a family person and in his performance in the public domain
  • The candidate shall not be a divorcee
  • The candidate must be endorsed by, at least, 100 local village and respected elders of whom 50 percent must be men and 50 percent women. His qualification must be signed by a government Authority, at least, at his location of birth and growing up
  • The candidate must be fluent in English and, at least, in one other language
  • The candidate must have published his thought in the any media, at least, in an article or book form.


The Supreme Priest will, together with his family, reside at the Headquarters of the Neterian African Religion, where he will be accorded full accommodation, protection and helping hand by the Administrative structures of the Religion.

 Financial benefits:

The Supreme Priest will enjoy full benefits as accorded by the Supreme Council.