• The Council of High Priests shall be composed of qualified individual representatives of any member country of the Worship
  • The Council of High Priests shall be elected by the Provincial Priests


The Council of High Priests shall be the spiritual spokespersons of their individual countries; and they shall be the leaders of the Provincial Priests in executing their spiritual business


  • The candidate for the position of High Priest must be aged, at least, 30 years
  • The Position of High Priest is open to both men and women qualified for the job
  • The Candidate must be fluent in, both written and spoken, English language and the national language of his/her country
  • The candidate must have an excellent knowledge in the cross-cultural values of his/her country; and excellent knowledge in African Sociology
  • The candidate must have a university degree in Religious studies or in Social Science
  • He/she must be of excellent character both in his/her family and in the public
  • He/she must be a married person
  • He/she must not be a divorcee
  • He/she must not have been convicted for whatever offence