The team behind the compilation of KA, Holly Book of Neter comprised six Executive Committee Members; which were:


Dr David G Maillu

Chairman of The Centre for African Aesthetics, was the Executive Chairman of the Working Committee responsible for the authorship of KA, Holly Book of Neter . He is the Acting Supreme Priest of Neterian Worship, African Religion. He was born in 1939 in Kenya, holds a doctorate in African Literature and Political Philosophy, is an internationally renowned author who has published over seventy assorted creative and essay works. He leads the Continent in publishing over forty children books. His major creative novel is, Broken Drum, 1120 pages; his leading social work is African Indigenous Political Ideology


Prof. Osaga Odak

(late, 1940-2000) was born in Maseno, in Kenya. He was a Professor of Anthropology and Senior Lecturer and Research Fellow at the Institute of African Studies, University of Nairobi and Director of Kenya Archeological and Ethnographic Research Agency (KAERA). He obtained his Master of Arts degree and PhD from People’s Friendship University, Russia (former USSR). His papers on anthropological research were published in professional journals internationally. He was the co-author of many books, among which are Kemeticism, The World Religion for Black People; Animals into Art; Rock Art of India. He was among the first scholars to train and nurture local anthropologists.


Prof. A.B.C. Ochola Ayayo

(Late, 1936-2006) was born in Nyanza, Kenya. He was a Professor of Anthropology and Senior Lecturer at University of Nairobi. Chairman/Director of Kenya Archeological and Ethnographic Research Agency (KAERA) and Vice-President of Pan African Association of Anthropologists. He had earned degrees in Electrical Technology from Bombay University, Egyptology from Prague University and PhD from Uppsala University. He is the author of The Spirit of the Nation; Reconstruction of Material Culture of African Traditional Society; The Abakuria of Kenya: Art of Music and Dance, among many other books and scientific papers published in several languages. During his teaching career he has trained many prominent Kenyan anthropologists.


Prof. Samson Munywoki

Born in Kenya, Ukambani, has Doctor of Education in Educational Psychology and Councelling. Educated in Kenya and the United States of America. At present is Professor of Psychology at United States Institute University, U.S.I.U, Kenya. He is widely published.


Mr Magoiga Masubo Seba

Was born in 1942 in Kuria, Kenya. He is an Associate Director of Kenya Archeological and Ethnographic Research Agency (KAERA) and Chairman of African Cultural Network (CAN). He is a member of The International Council of Museums (ICOM) and an International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS). He has Masters of Arts degree in Cultural Anthropology from Lenigrad State University in Russia (former USSR); Diploma in Museum Management (USA) and Museology Science (Denmark) and several certificates in Management of Cultural Institutions. He is an author of a number of published articles on material culture.


Mr James Kangwana

One of the most illustrious broadcast-journalists Kenya has ever produced. He headed the government-owned Voice of Kenya during the reign of Kenya’s first President Jomo Kenyatta and under his leadership. For three years after leaving government service, he was programme coordinator and broadcast trainer for UNESCO; and director of communications with the continental All Africa Conference of Churches.