Worship or Religion is the foundation of the Black Race, the African worldview, thought, philosophy and ideology. One cannot talk about Africans without the backbone of the Black Race: Religion or Worship.Based on natural forces, this is the oldest form of worship in the world.But, as old as it may be, African Worship had, till now, survived on only oral traditions.

Before the black Africans became involved with world religions, they had their own religion which fitted well into their cultures. Considering that each religion is a product of a culture, there is no way one can talk of peoples without religion. Every religion was used as an element of ideological stabilization within a particular culture. The world religions’ role in the doom of the black African is found in their success in undermining African culture and the latter’s replacement with foreign culture.

Furthermore African Religion is part and parcel of special human cultural heritage that, unfortunately, has been subjected to mutilations, misinformation and even destruction by outside colonial forces that swept throughout the continent for generations. Its destruction has not been a loss to African victims but also a loss to the universal brotherhood philosophy. From this it is clear that transfer of a religious system cross-culturally is artificial and unworkable.

 Its restoration would be an invaluable advantage to the body of universal contributions of cultures. It is the assembly of universal cultures which has made the world a more interesting and better place for human beings. All that is required is for the restoration of this Religion is for it to be accorded a modern practical platform and recognition on the playing grounds of other world religions.

 This Website is part of that restoration and awareness of its value to the world. It is meant for the concerned to share information, suggestions, and visions African Religion belongs to all the peoples of the world too. This will counteract the established notion that all the brain washing efforts perpetuated by world religions which started all the way back from slavery through colonialism to the current culture neo-colonialism have had and are pointing to a situation where the inevitable conclusion is that the black man is worthless and has no future.

 Over and above, back at home, community’s Religion being the foundation of its civilization, it should not be emphasized what the African lost in the destruction of its Religion. Consequently, it is a matter of common sense regarding how much the African would gain in the restoration of that destroyed foundation.

However, the devil is in the details of how much effort, persuasion, dedication and finance the restoration of African Religion would demand. This, of course, is an appeal to all concerned well-wishers in the implementation of that noble cultural reconstruction. This forum is the first universal forum for that mission.