By David Maillu
Published March 6, 2023

There is nothing to celebrate when a male animal decides to mount another
male animal.If we go by modern scientific argument that Africa is the genesis of the human race, then African cultures should be the genesis of world cultures. Hence, Africa’s is the oldest and most refined culture in the world. That is my stand before I make other statements.

Emphasized and published homosexuality is primarily the culture of western worlds which give the subject the baptism name, Gay; hence, Gay Culture. They give it emphasis and make it sound progressive because that is all
what they have, whereas from natural stand, homosexuality a cultural degradation out to defy natural laws upon which human glory or integrity rest.

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There is nothing to celebrate when a male animal decides to mount another male animal. If any farmer sees his bull take a stand of mounting other bulls, that bull qualifies for being killed and eaten. Human beings are also animals, governed by natural laws. Homosexuality is not civilization but decadence of human integrity. Animals haven’t fallen out of that glory.

African culture is founded on natural forces and principles. To the African, God is Nature and Nature is God. That is, African religion and philosophy. Polygamy is seen in the western countries as a primitive
practice, whereas in Africa it is a noble way of solving some marital problems and human adoption. Polygamy is part of African civilization because of the social benefits it has brought to the community. However, polygamy (on which I have written a book titled ‘Our Kind of Polygamy’) is seen as primitive in countries, surprisingly, where homosexuality or gay culture is seen as modernity and progress to the extend that churches have to marry gays.

Africans may be technologically backwards but not at all in socialism. The cause of homosexuality is not civilization but social decadence. It is a fall from social grace to social grass. Period. It was introduced to
Africa by colonial governments which created grave social separations between sexes, through creation of institutions such as separate schools for boys and girls, separate prisons for men and women, military outfits, catholic nurses, celibate priests, and so on, where individual persons were denied their natural male-to-female relations and intimacy. Hence, the African social order was gravely disrupted.

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Any law court in Africa that defends and promotes homosexuality
publicly is a puppet of the western primitive social culture.Dominant sex ration of birth is usually 51% percent females and 49% males. In traditional Africa the 2% surplus females was swallowed by polygamy and that structure created a permanent balance to make sure that every gender individual had access to marriage. There have never been enough women for every African to be a polygamist. In traditional society, monogamy dominated. When colonial culture damaged the foundation of polygamy, it created a class of unmarried individuals because the opposite partners were not there. Western economic structure based on material things also ate into traditional social order. The separate male and female institutions created candidates of homosexuality. So did material government structures. That structure has it that only those with material acquisition have access to marriage because they can afford it. The poor ones must seek sexual relief through other means, obviously from the cheap means, even if it would be through rape or from animals. That is the
terrain in which we stand; from where the western cultural backwardness is selling homosexuality aggressively to Africa and forces governments to sign papers accepting gay culture in order to obtain bank loans from IMF, World Bank, western governments – hell! Primitive culture is aggressively
being sold to Africans. The Whiteman lives with the wrong notion that he is more socially civilized than the African.

Reality is on the ground that a big part of the African great social civilization is gravely damaged. The consequence is that we are also breeding homosexuals too. But, for goodness sake, not for prestige. There is nothing to praise about being poor. We have been thrown into social poverty. If we have to live with it, I don’t see why it has to be defended and promoted. It should be left in the social backyard.

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It is on our culture that lovers don’t kiss in public places. That does not mean African couples don’t kiss. The things is, there are times and places for that business. That is pure civilization. Anyone from anywhere in the world selling to us the lifestyle of kissing in public places should go to sell it to the desert. The African must defend his social civilization because the African is highly civilized in social matters.
Any one law court in Africa that defends and promotes homosexuality publicly is a puppet of the western primitive social culture. If we have homosexual within us, please, let it remain an indoor matter. There is the saying that when your anus itches, you shouldn’t scratch it in public places. This homosexuality business is an itch in the African social anus and shouldn’t be quenched in any public place.

David Maillu is author & President of African Spirituality.